As 2 S 5 is oxidised by con.HNO 3 to yield H 3 AsO 4 ,H 2 SO 4 &NO 2 .. CALCULATE WEIGHT ratio of reactants...

As2S5 is oxidised by con.HNO3 to yield H3AsO4,H2SO4&NO2.. CALCULATE WEIGHT ratio of reactants...


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Ravleen Kaur
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4 years ago
Write the balanced equation. Calculate of each atom .
Vikas TU
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4 years ago
Dear student 
The balance equation for the reaction is : 
As + 5HNO3 → H3AsO4 + 5NO2 + H2O
Arsenic react with nitric acid to produce arsenic acid, nitrogen dioxide and water. Nitric acid - concentrated solution.
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