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i don't no the basic fundamentals please tell me sir

i don't no the basic fundamentals please tell me sir


3 Answers

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
419 Points
10 years ago

Dear Kiran

you should refer NCERT and Arihant book .

All the best.




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avinash gautam
31 Points
10 years ago

hi ,kiran

if u talking about organic fundamental,then u go with ncert tect book+some reference book like op tondon.

1st off all u  read general organic chemistry like nomenclature, isomerism,some effects like meso etc and then go for other chapter.

Aniket Patra
48 Points
10 years ago

U may try Morrison & Boyd or Steriochemistry by E.L.Eliel...Books on Organic Chemistry by Jearmy March or Francis Carey or by Ingold..or by Bell and Hardy.

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