Diagonal Relationship

Diagonal Relationship


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Sachin Tyagi
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15 years ago

Diagonal Relationship

It has been observed that some elements of second period show similarities with the elements of the third period present diagonally to each other, through belonging to different groups. This is called diagonal relationship.

Thus, the similarity in properties of elements present diagonally is called diagonal relationship. This is shown below:

For example: lithium resembles with magnesium, the element of group 2.

Cause of diagonal relationship. The case of diagonal relationship is the similarity in properties such as electronegatively, ionization energy, size etc. between the diagonal elements. For example, on moving from left to right across a period, the electronegatively increases and while moving down a group electronegatively decreases. Therefore, on moving diagonally. The two opposing tendencies almost cancel out and the electronegatively values remain almost same as we move diagonally. Thus, the diagonally pairs have many similar properties.

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