What are the most scoring topics in physical chemistry ?

What are the most scoring topics in physical chemistry ?


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Rinkoo Gupta
askIITians Faculty 81 Points
9 years ago
The chapter on mole concept is most important.
There are other chapters :

  • Stoichiometry : This was the most difficult chapter for me because I couldn't decipher the secrets of this chapter till the end of my preparation. You are expected to know a number of redox reactions (potassium dichromate , potassium permanganate , sulphur dioxide , hydrogen peroxide etc etc). So you will be comfortable with this chapter only after completing inorganic chemistry. So be patient here.
  • Equilibrium : Easiest and my favourite. Most logical. Make sure that you are strong not only in numericals but also on theory based problems of this chapter.
  • Thermodynamics : Difficult one. The material available in market is flooded with second and third law of thermodynamics in detail. But that's something useless. Third law is not in syllabus and second law - only brief discussion + entropy calculation is there in syllabus. Make sure that you are comfortable with thermochemistry.
  • Chemical Kinetics : again an easy with very little syllabus
  • Electro-chemistry : BIG GUN! Just 1 equation - "Nernst's equation" and unlimited applications. If you are not comfortable with any of the above mentioned chapter then this one's gonna be a nightmare
  • States of matter : simple one but cover liquid states thoroughly(the colligative properties part)
  • Nuclear Chemistry : easy one. But make sure you know the terms , definitions and properties
  • Surface Chemistry : is this a part of physical chemistry ?? Most take it as inorganic chemistry
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  • Rinkoo Gupta
  • AskIITians Faculty

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