how tomake of the last few days of the preparations? Can you suggest some important concepts that would help me in the final hour?

how tomake of the last few days of the preparations? Can you suggest some important concepts that would help me in the final hour?


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Rinkoo Gupta
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9 years ago

Revision Techniques:

  • Students should maximize their efforts and optimize their resources.

  • Revision is more crucial here. So it’s best to revise through the notes you have taken during these two years at the coaching centre you went to or the school notes given by your teacher.

  • Go through the problems and solutions which you have already done some time back.

  • It is important to note that it will not be possible to do all the problems or cover all the topics in detail in this last month. So check all those problems that you have already done just to refresh your memory. Do those problems you haven’t done or have difficulty remembering

  • ·Keep handy notes for the last minute exam revision while you are doing a thorough revision.

2.Scoring Strategy:

  • It is extremely important to have a scoring strategy.

  • For this, you need to keep a tab on the most scoring topics and chapters. This can be availed from the previous year papers.Click herefor some.

  • For example experts emphasize on topics like optics, thermodynamics, waves, modern physics and electromagnetism, Mechanics etc. in Physics

  • Mathematics- focus is asked on topics like calculus, coordinate geometry, probability, vectors, complex numbers in that order.

  • Chemistry- students generally tackle physical chemistry before taking on the inorganic and organic portions.

  • Note: The above suggestions are just a hint. They do not complete the whole revision topics. The actual topics must be taken from your coaching centre professors.

  • It is highly beneficial if you concentrate more on the top scoring chapters. But do not neglect the other equally important chapters.

  • Most students are good at two subjects and average in one. It is important to balance this.

  • So put in more hard work in the subject you are comparatively weak in and get to a level of above average in it.

  • This will ensure a decent All India JEE Advanced 2014 Rank because then you will be able to score well in two of your favourite subjects and above average in the one you are weak in.

3.Practice, Practice and More Practice:

  • Well that explains it all. Mock tests will play an important role in the last stages of preparation.

  • It is imperative for you to take as many mock tests or practice tests to accustom yourself to theJEE Advanced 2014 Paper Patternas well as revise the topics.

  • Every Mock Test will reflect on your preparation and make you aware of the weak points needing to be improved.

  • Schedule your day such that there is place for more than two mock tests.

  • As you go on doing these practice papers, you will realize there is a method to all of them and will only improve your preparation levels.

Click herefor JEE Advanced 2014 Sample Papers

4.Schedule your Day:

  • Schedule your Day and follow it strictly.

  • Make sure to have place for revision, mock tests.

  • Ensure “ME” time where you just relax doing what you like or simply do nothing and take rest. The idea is to let the stress levels a bit down such that theJEE Advanced 2014exam doesn’t overwhelm you.

5.Clarify Doubts and take the help of your Teachers:

  • You may not be able to complete the whole portion in this month. Doesn’t matter. What matters is to complete a major portion and leave those topics that are new or relatively unknown to you.

  • Keep a note of all your doubts and get them clarified regularly. You can take the help of your teachers, friends or seniors for this.

  • Thanks & Regards

  • Rinkoo Gupta

  • AskIITians Faculty

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