which topics are scoring most in iitjee from maths?

which topics are scoring most in iitjee from maths?


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Askiitian.Expert Rajat
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14 years ago


The most Scoring Topics in IIT JEE would be the following:


Quadratic Equations

3D Geometry

Definite Integration



Maxima and Minima

Binomial Theorem

Complex Numbers


Basically, any topic that you'r really good at can be the most scoring topic. So If you're really good at the topics that carry the gretest weightage in the JEE, for example, Conic Sections, Integration, algebra , then you'll be able to score really high marks,


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Pratham Ashish
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14 years ago
hi pallavi, for iitjee exam, scoring topics in math is very hard to say as it cant be said which topic is going to be relatively easier but usually comprehensions in the maths paper is easy picking and regarding topic wise, i must tell u a order in which u can score faster ,in dis list i am putting d topics of class 12th in the top as dey r relatively easier from class 11th nd also u will hav fresh memories from ur board exams.........calculus is always a mix of good n easy questions but u can still try it 1st as dis will provide u a better scope of scoring at a faster rate, ..also vectors n 3-D are very high scoring topics as including calculus ,these hav a really high weightage in d paper,.......other scoring topis r conic sections specially parabolas r very good topics for easy pickings..... in d end end i must say one thing scoring topics in maths in jee paper, totlly depends on d paper itself as dey can make any topic very hard n some other topic scoring but still if u can do calculus,conics,vectors ,or trigo den u r going to score very good in d paper.....u can do topics like probability in d end as this can be made very tricky n can waste ur tym ..

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