which topics are more scoring in iit exam

which topics are more scoring in iit exam


2 Answers

Bhuvandeepak Chada
31 Points
13 years ago

the most scoring topics in iit are

maths:- matrices,determinants,theory of equations & diffrentiation

physics:- optics,units & dimensions,kinematics & electricity

chemistry:- solutions,organic chem.,atomic structure,chemical equillibrium  Wink

Priya Gorakshnath Anandkar
18 Points
13 years ago

Hi Tarun;

Physics- vectors,basic kinematic topics, Gravitation, thermodynamaics , Heat and moderphysics

Chemistry- Inorganic is the best if you have patience and memory power,Atomic structure and chemical bonding,cant say about Organic(the questions are based on all the named reactions), Physical chem: Chemical kinetics ,basics of electro chemistry

Maths : Analytical geometry, and differential calculus.(maths generally depends on you)

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