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Where does the universe exist ? I heard that universe expands at 70 Km\s . if so , into what does it expand?

Where does the universe exist ? I heard that universe expands at 70 Km\s .  if so , into what does it expand?


1 Answers

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5 years ago
Till now scientists have discovered a universe of diameter ‎8.8×1026 m, i.e. The universe which is observable from the earth is called as observable universe. 
It consists of galaxies, dark matter, nebula's red giants etc..  Since the big bang, the matter formed is in such
large quantities that it needs area to expand to accomodate, Hence it is expanding. It is expanding at a 
staggering rate of 70 Km/s, but still it looks slow because the space time relation with earth is slow....
according to Einstien's relativity, theory
For simplicity, imagine a Box with high amount of elasticity that it can expand to very high level to
microscopic level, i.e. Universe is not only outside earth but it is also the space between the atoms, and
the space between nucleus and electrons in an atom.

Hope this will help you


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