What do we mean by enery band in solids ?

What do we mean by enery band in solids ?


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Jitender Pal
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12 years ago

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In solids, the group of closely lying energy levels is known as energy band. In solids the energy bands are analogous to energy levels in an atom.

In solids the atoms are arranged very close to each other. In these atoms there are discrete energy levels of electrons. For the formation of crystal these atoms come close together, then due to nucleus-nucleus, electron-electron and electron-nucleus interactions the discrete energy levels of atom distort and consequently each energy level spits into a large number of closely lying energy levels. provides online iit jee courses and IIT JEE Test Series with IITians. Click here to get free online test series and check your status timely or you can join us as our registered user for getting best iit jee study material or iit jee test series.

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