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Grade: 12th pass
two blocks of masses 4kg and 2kg are attached to ends of a light spring of spring constant 1200 N/m.The whole system is placed on smooth horizontal surace.When the spring is relaxedstate , 4 Kg block is given a velocity 3m/s , the max extention in spring is
  • a)10cm b)12cm c) 20cm
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

aditya kulkarni
53 Points
we will use the concept of reduced mass for this question
reduced mass=(m1*m2)/m1+m2    by this method we can consider the two blocks as one and the spring is connected to a fixed support.
therefort by energy conservation,
½ mv2 + ½ kx2      where m=reduced mass, v=initial velocity, k= spring constant, x= max extension of spring
on solving this equation we get
x2=1/100 metre
therefore x=1/10 =0.1m=10cm
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2 years ago
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