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Grade: 12th pass
        Please solve this problem . And give detailed explanation of all the equation involved
2 years ago

Answers : (1)

downey zer
73 Points
if the mass A moves a distance x upward the pulley attached to B has to come down a distance x (since it is connected by a string)
if pulley comes down a distance x , xlength of string will be freed on one side of pulley and x length of string on the other side of the pulley so 2x length of string will be freed. since the string has to be tight at all moments the mass B will move down by 2x distance
So if A moves up by distance x B moves down by distance 2x
differentiating twice with respect to time we find if acceleration of B =2*acceleration of A
if the string attached to B has tension T then the total tension pulling the second pulley is 2T
therefore the tension in the string attached to A has to be 2T so that the net force on the massless pulley is zero
writing equations for A,
2T – mg=ma (since a is going up)
for B,
solving these equations 
but the acceleration of B =2a=2g/5
did u observe one thing that tension and acceleration are  generally inversely proportional in these type of problems
the tension on B is T but acc =2a while the acc of A =a but tension =2T
hope that helps you. please approve the answer if it did
2 years ago
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