A wheel with a radius of 45 cm rolls without slipping along a horizontal floor, as shown in Fig. P is a dot painted on the rim of the wheel. At time tl, P is at the point of contact between the wheel and the floor. At a later time t 2 , the wheel has rolled through one-half of a revolution. What is the dis- placement of P during this interval?

A wheel  with  a radius  of 45 cm rolls  without  slipping  along  a horizontal   floor,  as shown  in Fig.  P is a dot painted  on the rim  of the  wheel.  At time  tl,    P is  at the point  of contact between  the wheel  and the floor. At a later  time  t2,    the wheel has  rolled  through  one-half   of  a revolution.   What  is the  dis- placement   of P during  this interval?


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Aditi Chauhan
askIITians Faculty 396 Points
8 years ago

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