What is a frame of reference?

What is a frame of reference?

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Frame of Reference


One can see the platform from a running train, and it seems that all the objects placed on platform are continuously changing their position. But one, who is on platform, concludes that the objects on the platform are at rest. It means if we will take the trains are reference frame the objects are not stationary and taking reference frame as platform the objects are stationary. So the study of motion is a combined property of the object under study and the observer. Hence there is a need to define a frame of reference under which we have to study the motion of an object. We can define the frame of reference as follows :


A frame of reference is a set of coordinate axes which is fixed with respect to a space point (a body or an object can also be treated as a point mass therefore it can become a site for fixing a reference frame), which we have arbitrarily chosen as per our observer’s requirement. The essential requirement for a frame of reference, is that, it should be rigid.

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