what is angle of friction?

what is angle of friction?


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Prajwal kr
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9 years ago

It is the minimum angle at which a body on an incline would start sliding down the incline.(i.e overcome the friction and start sliding)



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9 years ago


Raghuvaran varan Chandragiri
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9 years ago

Angle of friction

For certain applications it is more useful to define static friction in terms of the maximum angle before which one of the items will begin sliding. This is called the angle of friction or friction angle. It is defined as:

where θ is the angle from vertical and µs is the static coefficient of friction between the objects.[24] This formula can also be used to calculate µs from empirical measurements of the friction angle.

Saurabh Anand
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9 years ago

at the point of rough contact, where slipping is about to occur the two forces act on object i.e. normal reaction N and frictional force μN. The resultant of these two forces is F and it makes an angle Θ with the normal rectn Θ is angle of friction


tan Θ = μN/N

        = μ

Khandavalli Satya Srikanth
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9 years ago

Angle of friction is the angle between the resultant vector(resultant vector:-resultant vector of   frictional force and normalforce) and normal force vector.

mohit yadav
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9 years ago

angle of friction is the angle between the resultant of normal and friction and the normal.

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