What is the difference between negative acceleration and retardation?

What is the difference between negative acceleration and retardation?


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Srikanth Neeli
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10 years ago

neil holkar sir,retardation is also called as negative acceleration ,there is no difference between them.they both are same.


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sarath chandran
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7 years ago
Negative acceleration just means acceleration in the negative direction. It doesnt tell us whether the speed is increasing or not.
 eg:- suppose i am throwing a stone upward with a velocity v. Now let us study the up and down motion of this stone. The initial velocity is v(up direction) and let it be positive. Now here acceleration is g which is negative because g is always acting downwards. Now in the downward motion velocity becomes negative(since direction of velocity acts downwards), g remains negative(as g is always acting downwards). But here the velocity of stone keeps increasing though the acceleration is negative. So it is clear that acceleration is negative doesnt imply that speed is decreasing.

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Obaid Mohtaseb
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7 years ago
Retardation is the acceleration in the negative direction of time axis ie. opposite to the motion. Decreasing accleretion is the decrease in the magnitude of time rate of change of velocity.
Ruben Rai
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6 years ago
Retardation is decrease in speed with time and is negative.Negative acceleration is negative but there is no decrese or increase in speed just incase of free fall it is a constant acceleration

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