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Grade: 11


I m getting a lot of problem in projectile motion and also relative velocity . I think im not able to get coordinate assumption or directions please council me soon and solve my extreme problem.

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitianExpert Shine
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You have two types of motion, vertical and horizontal. Both happen at the same time, but they are separate. In the following equations, the subscript x refers to the horizontal components and y for the vertical components.
The horizontal motion happens at constant velocity, and has one equation takes care of that:

The vertical motion happens while undergoing uniform acceleration (due to gravity). In all of the following use

Depending on what you are given, you will generally use one of the following four equations to find an unknown:

Set up two columns, one for the horizontal information, and one for the vertical. Using angles given (usually the initial angle of velocity) find the horizontal and vertical components of the initial velocity

(here, theta is the angle that the initial velocity makes with the horizontal surface)

Examine the problem for as many of the values that go with these equations. remember, there are three variables for horizontal motion (constant velocity), but five variables for vertical motion (uniform acceleration).

Next, determine which unknown variable will answer (or help to answer) the question as stated in the problem.

In your two columns, the one factor that is the same for both is the time, t. When you have solved for t in one column, then you can drag that value to the other column. You will be told (including inferences and assumptions) either two of the three values for the horizontal information, or three of the five variables fore the vertical information.

Often, you need to find the t in one column, drag it to the other column and use that t to solve for the wanted unknown variable.

This is the basic to solve the projectile problem. If u are finding it difficult then practice it a lot. Its an important basic. First try the provlem urself then see the solution if u are nt able to do it at all . seeing the solution , analyse each and every step, that why is it so, why there are -ve or +ve signs. Why something is constant. Once u unnderstand these concepts, projectile motion problems would seem easy.

10 years ago
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