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Grade: 11

What would be the effect on the retarding force applied by the brakes if the length of the brakes is increased?

9 years ago

Answers : (3)

iit jee
44 Points


there would be no effect on retarding force which is nothing but a frictional force, as friction depends only on nature of material

not the area of contact........ 

9 years ago
Neer Varshney
76 Points

See the force applied does not depend upon the length of the brakes, It depends only upon mass and acceleration of the vehicle.

9 years ago
Ritvik Gautam
85 Points

Breaks work on the principle of friction. When we apply the breaks, it opposes the rotational motion of the wheel.

We know that,

Frictional Force = Coefficient of friction x Normal Reaction

Since, neither coefficient of friction or normal reaction, depend on the area of contact, hence there will be no effect if the length of the breaks are increased or decreased.


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9 years ago
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