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yash asthana Grade: 11
        Can a person hanging on an inextensible light string apply tention more than his weight? if yes,how?
8 years ago

Answers : (3)

piyush garg
9 Points

draw free body diagram of string two forces are acting on it tension upwards and weight downwords if he apply tension more than his weight he will be lifted updue to inextensible strain is zero

8 years ago
AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points


If the person start movin up the string with some acceleration, then the tension in the string wud be greater than the wt of the person. Tension wud be = sum of the massXacceleration and mass x g .

this u can visualize by drawing a force body diagram of the person.

8 years ago
mohit yadav
24 Points


d answer is yes becoz

when u draw d fbd of d scenario ,consider d man accelerating upwards wid an acceleration A(non-zero and +ve) and weight W and tension T in string den by fbd and applying newton's 2nd law of motion from ground frame [i.e NET EXTERNAL FORCE FROM INERTIAL FRAME=mas of system *acceleration of system ] here if we take man as d system den net ext. force on him iz T-W so we get T-W=MA so T=W+MA (as W IS +VE nd M also +ve so T>W


8 years ago
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