what`s the benefit of clearing iitjee mains...???

what`s the benefit of clearing iitjee mains...???


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
8 years ago
JEE-Main exam is to admission in IIITs,NIIT'S, CFTIs (Central Funded Technical Institute), etc. Only top candidates of JEE-Mains are eligible to appear for JEE-Advanced exam. The candidates who clear JEE-Advanced exam have the opportunity to join either of the IIT's or ISM and JEE-Advanced is for admission in Indian institute of technology and the Indian school of mines (ISM), Dhanbad. IIT's and ISM are the most premier and prestigious engineering colleges in India,
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Aarti Gupta
askiitians Faculty
Prabha Gupta
61 Points
3 years ago
Clearing JEE mains with a considerable rank may owe you atleast a proper NIT and trust me NITs are not that bad as are considered by few people. Some think that it's just as a normal college (even i also used to) but being an NITian , pursuing Computer science & engineering from NIT Raipur, I could say that all these are false notions. Yes, I agree that they are not very close to IITs but they are developing at their own pace.

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