What is the weightage of each chapter for iitjee.please tell me sir

What is the weightage of each chapter for iitjee.please tell me sir


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List of important Physics Topics for JEE 2019 By Syllabus Weightage
These 3 are the most basic concepts that you ought to know. You can expect at-least 1 question from these topics:
Units and Dimensions – Weightage: 2%
Measurement of Errors – Weightage: 2%
These topics are classified as fundamentals in physics. You can expect 1 – 2 questions from this section on an actual JEE Paper.
Kinematics – Weightage: 1%
Newton’s Laws of Motion – Weightage: 4%
These 5 topics are important & easy and can help your score high marks very easily in the JEE:
Work, Energy and Power – Weightage: 5%
Electrostatics – Weightage: 6%
Current Electricity – Weightage: 7%
Wave Optics – Weightage: 5%
Ray Optics – Weightage: 6%
These 9 topics are absolutely important for JEE. You can expect twisted questions from these sections, so its very important you know your basics well and practice a hell lot! You can expect 2 – 3 questions from most of the topics listed below.
Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision – Weightage: 5%
Rotational Dynamics – Weightage: 4%
Simple Harmonic Motion – Weightage: 5%
Fluid Mechanics – Weightage: 2 – 5%. Bernoulli’s principle can be easily twisted to ask some tricky questions.
Wave Motion and String Waves – Weightage: 5%
Magnetism – Weightage: 6%
Heat & Thermodynamics – Weightage: 6%. This is one topic that is very important for both Physics and Chemistry preparation in JEE.
Nuclear Physics – Weightage: 5%
Modern Physics – Weightage: 5%
And finally, here is a list of the topics that you should study atleast once and try to create cheat-sheets or flashcards to help your revise the formulas. You can expect 3 – 4 questions mix and match from the topics below.
Circular Motion – Weightage: 1%
Gravitation – Weightage: 1%
Properties of Matter, Elasticity – Weightage: 2%
Sound Waves
Electromagnetic Induction – Weightage: 3%
Alternating Current – Weightage: 1%
Heat Transfer
Thermal Expansion
Thermo Electricity
Semiconductors and Electronic Devices – Weightage: 5%
Communication Systems – Weightage: 2%

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