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sushant singh
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13 years ago

Mr. Rajamani,


it looks like the rank of your daughter will fall in good level which you can see in this table below as:

 Predicted IIT JEE 2011 Rank


        Expected Marks

1-500 rank

More than 320

501-1000 rank

295-320 marks

1001-2000 rank

270-295 marks

2001-3000 rank

258-270 marks

3001-4000 rank

245-258 marks

4001-5000 rank

235-245 marks

5001-6000 rank

225-235 marks

6001-7000 rank

213-225 marks

7001-8000 rank

210-213 marks

8001-9000 rank

202-210 marks


Or even you can see more comprehensive comparison on IIT JEE 2011 CutOffs or can contact us for 2011 counselling IIT-jee

Ashwin Sinha
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13 years ago

Yes Sir, obviously she will get a good branch in IIT-Madras, but not Mech. or Elect.  She can apply for civil, etc.!!!!!!!!


 Good Luck!!!!!!


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