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Ashwin Sharma Grade: Upto college level


I want to opt for Electrical Engg. in IIT-Kanpur but when yesterday I saw on your website that for the above I should get 39-416 rank in my upcoming jee 2011, I got demoralised as it is quite high. This thing doesn't allow me to sleep the whole night as it is more than a dream for me but today I realised that If I dream big then I will also work big to make it a reality.

I just want to know that what marks I should target to get the above & also some advice that u want to give.

Also I want to know if I didn't make it then what r the other branches that i can choose in IIT-Kanpur that u think will be good?

Adding to that IIT-Kanpur or IIT-Delhi. Which one to choose if get an opportunity?

I know my post is too big but please reply sir as I really want my mind to be set by getting all the answers.

Hope u will reply soon.

7 years ago

Answers : (4)

Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty
74 Points

Hello deepak


Well you are right  IITK  requires rank with in 500 . But once you have choosen your aim to get into it..then you shouldn't get demoralised ...The best think to overcome all your depression and dreams is just a hard work ..A hard work will boost up your confidence from a low level to a high level and then you will start listening yourself that "YOU CAN DO IT NOW"


Second point qualify JEE you must study with perfect planning and full concentration...Studying for 10 hrs or 5 hrs doesn't make difference if you are not studying seriously .


So try to arrange as much time as you can for your study ...and seriously start your day with all your full effort on study...always imagine it feels very happy when dream comes true..


Now About IIT colleges , all are can't compare them....For the case of branch ..


Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electronic and Communication Engineering(this is not in some is in IIT Kharagpur ,IIT Madras ..)


These four Branches are rocking in IIT ....So ..Make your move atleast with in AIR 1000 to get these branches in IIT...

You aks me for advice ..then just a single line to motivate you and too




Hope you got help from my post

Post furthure what is running in your mind after reading my answer


With regards



7 years ago
AskiitiansExpert Mohit-IITD
21 Points

Dear Deepak,

Getting a good rank in IIT JEE is a result of your dedication,motivation,hard work,perseverence,planning and a little bit of luck. Except the last, all the others are in your hands. If you can dream, then you can make it a reality, trust me. All IITians are driven by this basic character.Nobody knows what the rank would come out to be, but we all tried and got through, and trust me most of the times you get what you really deserve.

In general, I would say target about 60-70% marks, if you can achieve this then you'll be placed very well.But then, this is really difficult to do in the exam environment, I would suggest start with 40% aim, then increase it slowly.Of course, marks are compared relatively, so no standard can ensure that you will definitely get a good rank, but if you keep on improving in various sample tests, then there is a very high chance you will be able to perform well.

We have got a lot of free tests at for you to practice

You can choose from a lot of branches at IIT Kanpur like Mechanical Engg,Aerospace Engg in which you can pursue "robotics" if you are interested in electrical branch. Again once at IIT, you get to take a lot of elective courses, so you can decide the course of your life at a later stage. I would recommend concentrate on getting a good rank for now and then get into those details.

Decision about IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi is very much dependent on the branch and your personal preference and again it will be too early to think about it.Just concentrate on JEE for now. All IITs have their own culture and an exciting one too.

Hope this answers your queries.Best of Luck!

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7 years ago
Ashwin Sharma
16 Points

I think u both r right ,I just have to concentrate on my JEE exam and there will be lot of time to think about the rest.

I will surely now just concentrate to bring about the best from myself in JEE as that single day will be the day when i can surely try to make my dream a reality.

Thanks for ur suggestions. It really helps.


7 years ago
Souradeep Majumder
80 Points

i dont know whether you will read my message.  i  m also a 2011WBJEE IIT AIEEE AISPARENT....  you can contact me  for some problem also i will contact you also in you r problem .....  you know group discussion is very much required for it..........  my email id good night.........

7 years ago
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