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what happens when a magnet is broken into two???

what happens when a magnet is broken into two???



4 Answers

Nimon B
63 Points
10 years ago

when you break a magnet into two, wha you'l get is a pair of magnets having same properties as the prevoius one,

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Ashwin Sinha
520 Points
10 years ago

Dear Anish, when a magnet is broken into 2, then 2 new magnets r formed!!!!!!!!!!!


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Shilpi Suman
46 Points
10 years ago

Hi Anish,

When a magnet is broken into two, each of the two pieces becomes independent magnets.

Both of them have two poles- north & south, and are full fledged magnets.

vik vol
18 Points
10 years ago

It is answerd in two ways:

 1.When it is broken into two pieces along its line of axis: the pole strength becomes half,its length does not change.So its moment become half.

 2. When it is broken into two pices perpendicular its axis, then pole strength does not change,but its length becomes half,obviously moment also becomes half.

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