X x ka samakalan ∫x x = X ki power x ka samakalan =====

Xx ka samakalan 
∫xx = 
X ki power x ka samakalan =====


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3 years ago
There is no antiderivative for that function.
But if you were to specify limits of integration, you could find the definite integral numerically
Vikas TU
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3 years ago
Dear student 
∫x^xdx cannot be expressed in terms of elementary functions. The integral can be expressed in terms of standard transcendental functions,
∫x^xdx=−∑n=1 to ∞  (−n)^^n/{(n−1)!} Γ(n,−nlogx)
The derivation of this result is complex and quite hard work, and not especially useful: this is theoretically interesting as an exact result for the integral but not effective for evaluating the integral

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