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7 Answers

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points
10 years ago

1feet = 0.305m

  550 feet = 0.305*550 meters

               =167.75m = H (heigth)

now applying , V2 = U2 + 2aH

                     V = 0 , U = ? , H = 167.75  , a = -g

                   0 = U2 - 2*g*H

                   U2 = 3355

                  U = 57.9m/s

with this  initial velocity particle must be thrown

24 Points
7 years ago
the function inside mod is +ve in interval [0,1] and -ve in (1,4] open the mod and do integration...
jagdish singh singh
173 Points
7 years ago
Sultan would you explain me how can you write here in LATEX form. I have enclose my LATEX code in [img]Latex code[/img] form . but could not get anything. Thanks
neeraj agarwal
34 Points
7 years ago
put x^2 + 1 as t 2x.x^2 ln(x^2+1)dx. hope you can do it now.
neeraj agarwal
34 Points
7 years ago
put 1/x as t . then partial fraction the function and solve
Aditya Sharma
24 Points
7 years ago
Assume the integration to be I Now, add +1 and subtact 1 in the numerator then write 1-1 + sin^2(x)/(1+ sin^2(x) then write it as 1 - 1/(1 + sin^2(x) and then the value of 2I will be equal to integrate dx from 0 to 2 and the final answer will be one.
Sher Mohammad IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 174 Points
7 years ago

Sher Mohammad,
B.Tech, IIT Delhi

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