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Kuldeep Mukherjee Grade: 12
        integrate 1 to 2 [x^2]dx
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Sameer Kumar Srivastava
31 Points

for x lying between 1 to 2 x^2 lies between 1 and 4

for x lying between 1 to sqrt(2) x^ 2 lies between 1 and 2 whose [ ] gives 1 so putting 1 integrate.

then for x lying between sqrt(2) x^ 2 to sqrt(3) lies between 2 and 3 whose [ ] gives 2 so putting 2 integrate. 

then for x lying between sqrt(3) x^ 2 to 2 lies between 3 and 4 whose [ ] gives 3 so putting 3 integrate.

in these kind of questions all you need is to break the interval in such a way that you get known values of the function.

I hope you will find my explanation helpful.

7 years ago
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