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M.vs vivek vardhan Grade: 12

hoow to change the question into the to take a substitution or a partial fraction or differentiation or adding or subtracting or multiplying on seeing the can we get that idea.My sir said that if you differentiate all the options is it correct.please reply me soon

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty
74 Points

Hello vardhan !


You have aksed so many lines in the question...but you are less specified with each lines....The last line that your said is some how clear to me...because i was also informed with the same quotes by my sir


"If you differentiate all the option you will get correct answer "


This is applicable in case of integeration.....when in question you have to ask to find of integeration of f(x)....and then there is given four option.....and somehow if you are not able to find out its integration....then simply you can differntiate the options....


The option giving f(x) after differentiation is the correct one  


Your  first point to change question formula....... this is not clear to me...what are u asking from this line ? make it more clear ...


How to take substitution . partial fraction...where to multiply and divide ....and all the stuffs..simply means how to approach a question......


It has only one as good practice as you can...practice will give you better class of mind to choose the step how to go through solved examples of books....solve questions from them...then jump tp exercise and JEE question....finally you will get better uderstanding on approach...


I hope you get ma point


With regards



7 years ago
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