why sulpur ring is puckered?

why sulpur ring is puckered?



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Aman Bansal
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12 years ago

Dear Mohini,

Both the rhombic and monoclinic crystalline modifications of sulfur are made up of eight sulfur atoms arranged in a puckered-ring structure. At one atmosphere pressure and temperatures less than 95.4ºC, rhombic is the stable crystalline form. Above 95.4ºC to the melt temperature of 118.9ºC, the monoclinic crystalline structure is dominant.

Rhombic and monoclinic sulfur are soluble to a limited extent in most organic solvents. A high degree of solubility is attained in carbon disulfide which is often used to dissolve rhombic sulfur for analysis.

Sulfur is not readily wetted or dissolved by water. Similarly, rhombic and monoclinic sulfur have limited solubility in natural rubber and synthetic elastomers at room temperatures. In most cases, the use level of sulfur in different elastomers exceeds the solubility level of sulfur in that elastomer.

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