What are the main chapters to focus to crack jee??????

What are the main chapters to focus to crack jee??????


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3 years ago
I would say that actually now the pattern is changed so it's difficult to sort the main chapters in jee because different shifts have different topics which have high weightage but General Trend according to new pattern is as follows:
Topic. Vs.   No of questions in different shifts
Electrodynamics.        7
Heat and thermodynamics.      2.5
Mechanics.           8.5
Modern physics.        4.5
Optics.         2
Shm / waves.          1
But I need to tell you : Optics can have variable weightage because it's important.
Overall summary: Mechanics+ electrodynamics+ modern physics+ optics nearly equal to 80 percent of paper
In chemistry there is no general trend becsuse everything in it is nearly connected . But if you need important topics then I am giving you analysing from previous year papers
Inorganic chemistry
Coordination compounds>Chemical bonding>periodic table and periodicity in properties>p block elements >Metallurgy≈S block elements ≈d and f block elements>environment chemistry
Coordination compounds+ chemical bonding +periodic table+p block= 70 percent (not of the total paper but of inorganic chemistry in the paper 
Organic chemistry:
cannot give percentage weightage to organic chemistry topics because random nature of appearance. You never know which topic may appear in your shift .
Sorry bro! From my side(Akshat)
Physical Chemistry
Mole concept>ionic equilibrium >thermodynamics and thermochemistry=electrochemistry>atomic structure and nuclear chemistry=chemical kinetics=solution and colligative properties>surface chemistry=equivalent concept>solid state>chemical equilibrium=gaseous State
Differential calculus, integral calculus, co-ordinate geometry ,Matrix and determinants ,sequence and series, vector and 3D: most important most weightage of the paper.
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Best of luck to you if any query post it here!!

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