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Prathusha lahari Grade: 11
Sir,does IIT jee 2018 pattern going to change and will it more difficult than present one??
one year ago

Answers : (3)

Umakant biswal
5362 Points
@ prathusha 
we cannot predict anything about that , as the patterns have already changed in 2017 , so, there will be a most probable possibility that it must change in 2018 also . 
1 more changes that would likely to change is the weightage of class 12th portion , but till now its not conformed . 
and there is nothing difficult , rest assure , whatever jee will ask , it will must be from syllabus . 
one year ago
Shaurya Triapthi
11 Points
The pattern for IIT-JEE is changing in 2018. The government plans to introduce a nation wide common test, no other examinations would be conducted ( eg. like state entrance examinations, VITEEE etc.). The examination would also be conducted multiple times a year. Also, the exam would be based on the pattern of SAT ( english might not be included). 
The govt. would inform about any further changes, so don’t worry.
All The Best!!
9 months ago
13 Points
Most probably IIT-JEE 2018 will follow the pattern of 2017. Marks weightage, Aadhar requirement etc. same as 2017. But no addition of any additional marks on account of mistakes in question papers. The difficulty level of this exam keep continuous improvement. All the best.
8 months ago
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