how can i easily qualify jee mains and jee adbanced? sir/madam can u pls tell me how to do that, pls!!

how can i easily qualify jee mains and jee adbanced?
sir/madam  can u pls tell me how to do that, pls!!


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Learn Prepare Inspire
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3 years ago
Just you need to have a grip of concepts of the syllabus and you should thouroghly go through the arihant 41 years papers if you have confidence in questions of previous year paper .then you are eligible to easily crack jee mains and advance.
If any query please feel free to ask and tell me your exact doubt
Kuldeepak Dhar Dwivedi
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2 years ago
First of all I will want to know that you are registered to any coaching institute or not if you are registered aur is studying from any coaching or any online educational site then solve then material first and then move on for some advanced and famous books like MS Chauhan ,Narendra Avasthi V,ikas Jaiswal & Sameer Bansal and all that. if you are not registered to any coaching institute or they do not provide you materials then you should prefer cengage book series for advance preparation believe me they are best book for advanced try practicing it completely and it's enough ; if you have time left then try solving the books told earlier like MS Chauhan Narendra Awasthi Vikas Gupta Sameer Bansal And all that books.
Don't move to best books directly, as they are used for boosting ranks, so first of all you should study that much required for getting qualified.
Also try that your performance or study graph should remain high , set its minimum value and try that it isn't touching it.
Rest I will say that you should feel motivated at all of your time as mind captures your positive thoughts and negative thought also: so try to remain positive always that will help you to score better.
Thanks , have a good rank in jee.

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