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Dear subham thakur,

To be an IITian you must practice discipline. You must be disciplined and only then can you get through such a tough Examination. I worked for 6-8 hours each day and in the last 4 months took that to 10-12 hours and I was in the brink of Exhaustion and I did not want to continue but I kept saying that if I suffer now,I can lve happily ever after and I took the pains. I worked smart and also hard. I followed my time-tble without any deviation and that helped me in more way than one.

To become an IITian you must be clear with your concepts and ideas in every subject and in every topic. Atleast you must have quite a good amount of topics in all the three subjects which you are very strong in and only then can you compete with the best. Try following a time-table which you can follow and only you should create your own time-table. Be wise and work Smart rather than working hard. Because Smart work pays twice than hardwork.

Finally,have that dedication and will-power because without it,cracking IIT is just a dream.

Here i am giving you some topics from Physics,Chemistry & Mathematics that are a little more scoring than the rest of the topics !!

Work hard on them and I am sure that you can crack IIT-JEE too .


1.Modern Physics(X-Rays,Photoelectric Effect,Atomic Physics)


3.Mechanics(Rotational Motion-More important)

4.Work,Power & Energy

5.Reflection & Refraction of Light(Optics-V.important)


Chemistry :

1.Atomic Structure

2.Properties of elements in the Periodic Table

3.Chemical Energetics

4.Rates of Chemical Reactions(Chemiical Kinetics)

5.Chemical Bonding(V.Important)

6.D & F block elements(Remember the reactions)

7.Co-ordination Chemistry

8.Organic Chemistry(Full-Highly Scoring)

9.Solutions & Thermodynamics(Scoring)


Mathematics :

1.Complex Numbers(Easy & Scoring)

2.3D Geometry(V.Easy & Highly Scoring)



5.Circle,Parabola,Straight lines(Simple & Scoring)

6.Definite Integration(V.Easy & Scoring)




Hope this helped you immensely..!

All the Very Best & Good Luck to you ..!!


Best Regards,

AskIITians Expert,

Godfrey Classic Prince


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