what books should i follow for iit jee in mathematics ?

what books should i follow for iit jee in mathematics ?


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manu saxena
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12 years ago
Some good mathematics books for IIT JEE Preparation: ML Khanna or RD Sharma Tata Mcgraw hiil book ML khanna or Ad gupt HALL knoght's algebra book Arihant series in Maths
Neer Varshney
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12 years ago

Objective RD Sharma and Arihant are good ones

Tej Ray
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12 years ago


Ashwin Sinha
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12 years ago

Dear Raunak,

For solving problems and understanding basics

Ø      Higher Algebra, By Hall & Knight (Complex Number, Series & Sequence of this book is very nice.)

Ø      Problems in Calculus of One Variable, By I.A. Maron (Very nice book, one must solve function, Limit & Continuity, Differential, Integral & Definite Integral of this book.)

Ø      Co-ordinate Geometry, By S. L. Loney (Its conic section is very nice. Sometimes even the problem in the Mains is directly from this book. This happened with me.)

Ø      Plane Trigonometry Part I, By S. L. Loney

Ø      Vectors & 3-D Geometry, By Arihant Prakashan

Ø      Mathematics, By Tata Macgraw Hill (TMH)

Reference Books: For understanding doubts

Ø      Calculus, By J. Edward 

Ø      Vector, By Shanti Narayan


                         Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!


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