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vindhya Grade: 12
the position of a particle moving along x-axis varies with time t according to equation- x=under root 3 sin omege t- cos omega t 
where omega is constant.
find the region in which the particle is confined.
2 years ago

Answers : (5)

Nicho priyatham
626 Points
by solving above  equation
so the partical can travel from -2to+2 on x axis
so range is [-2,+2]
PLZ APPROVE if useful n in case of any doubts put it in coment box 
2 years ago
50 Points
i’m sorry, but i am unable to understand. So, if you don't mind, please explain again. Thanks
2 years ago
erra akhil
208 Points
Dear Vidhya,
Given, x=(root 3 )sin omega t- cos omega t
In trigonometry we knw that,
maximum of {a sin theta + b cos theta}=root over{a2+b2}
minimum of {a sin theta + b cos theta}= – root over{a2+b2}
Similarly in your question,
maximum value of x=root over{ (root 3)2-(1)2 };
minimum value of x= – root over{(root 3)2+(1)2};
So, x lies between -2 and +2.
Region in which particle is confined = [ - 2 , + 2 ]
Approve if my answer helped you and in case any doubts put it in the comment box. 
2 years ago
50 Points
thanks a lot erra akhil sir, but my name is vindhya and not vidhya.
2 years ago
erra akhil
208 Points
okay Vindhya.
2 years ago
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