Plz list all the Derived Units and their special names.

 Plz list all the Derived Units and their special names.

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Multiplication of physical quantities creates new units. When you calculate the area, the unit becomes multiplied by itself to become, m2. The unit of area is an example of a derived unit. Other derived units occur so often they are named after illustrious scientists, in honour of their work.

This Table  list derived units and their special names.

Name Symbol Quantity Expression in terms of other units Expression in terms of SI base units
Hertz Hz Frequency 1/s s-1
Newton N Force, Weight
Joule J Work, Heat N.m
Watt W Power, Radiant flux J/s
Pascal Pa Pressure, Stress N/m2
Lumen lm Luminous flux = 1/cd cd
lux lx Illuminance lm/m2 = 1/(
Coulomb C Electric charge or flux A.s A.s
Volt V Electrical potential difference, Electromotive force W/A = J/C
Ohm Ω Electric resistance, Impedance, Reactance V/A
Farad F Electric capacitance C/V
Weber Wb Magnetic flux J/A
Tesla T Magnetic flux density, magnetic induction V.s.m-2 = Wbm-2 kg.s-2.A-1
Henry H Inductance V.s/A=Wb/A
Siemens S Electrical conductance Ω-1
Becquerel Bq Radioactivity (decays per unit time) s-1 s-1
Gray Gy Absorbed dose (of ionizing radiation) J/kg m2.s-2
Sievert Sv Equivalent dose (of ionizing radiation) J/kg m2.s-2
Katal kat Catalytic activity mol/s s-1.mol
Degree Celsius °C Thermodynamic temperature TC=TK-273.15

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