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i face a big problem in solving sums of physics . so what should i do

i face a big problem in solving sums of physics . so what should i do


3 Answers

Krish jha
13 Points
2 months ago
Just practice physics numerical 1 hour daily . And also read one  chapter in every 5-6 days. And if you are unabled to solve any question see it's solution on Google and read the solution than close the solution and after 30 min again try to solve that question.
daksha gulati
13 Points
2 months ago
see first of all revise your notes daily . then practice numericals , evn if then u rnot able to solve your problems then see its solution and ater seeing practice it again . sit atleast for 2 hours for studying physics on a daily base which includes your revision time and solving numericals. hope this helps
Archisha Ranjan
36 Points
2 months ago
Yeah I know physics is a bit tricky subject .u need to first see the lectures of concepts and then do the notes work then start solving easy numerical and then up your level so that u will feel interested and confidential a bit and then surely u can solve the numerical nothing to worry dear.
Just stay consistent and confident that u can do that ok 
Plz if u like my answer provide me points ...😊

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