hi i m aman ... i recently appeared for board xam and now for entrance xam but i m not prepared well this yr so planning to drop .Do u think droping and then preparing a good idea . i want to go for iit only !!!!!!... pls suggest .

hi i m aman ...  i recently  appeared  for  board  xam  and  now for  entrance  xam  but  i m  not  prepared well  this  yr  so  planning  to  drop  .Do  u  think  droping and then preparing a good  idea  .  i  want  to  go  for  iit only !!!!!!...    pls  suggest  .


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Amit Askiitiansexpert
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14 years ago

Hi ,

Dropping is not a very good idea coz dropping donot guaranty  the admission into IIT but if you are determined enuf thn only drop the year else prepare for AIEEE and and other entrance exams well coz there are many companies which later don allow gap year .. so dats all upto you .. So drop only if u r strongly detemined and is ready to work hard !! .. All the very best !!

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