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How is that circuit wont be broken even there is an air gap in between the capacitor??

How is that circuit wont be broken even there is an air gap in between the capacitor??

Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

neelam kumari
18 Points
8 years ago

air acts as dielectric material it transmits electrical effects without actually conducting electricity.dats y circuit is not broken

Aishwarya Prem Renu
18 Points
8 years ago

The electrons don''t flow through the air gap. When one plate is charged with a particular amount of charge, say positive, it will induce charge on the other plate though it is kept at a distance. This is because both the plates are connected to the opp terminals of a battery and hence, if charge(-ve) is removed from one plate( the positive one), then to maintain the flow through the battery, it must add the -ve charge to the other plate, thereby making it negative! 

Aravind Bommera
36 Points
8 years ago

In AC circuit capacitor offers resistance to current as aresistor would do in DC. But for DC there exists a current in between the plates called displacement current (it exists everywhere in fact)

Id = ε0x dΦe/dt

Modified amperes law = integral of B.dl = mu0 ( I + Id)

there exists a magnetic field between the plates responsible for transfer of charges from one plate to another and hence I= 0

but Id is not 0. At every Id = I 

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