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pallavi pradeep bhardwaj Grade: 12

what is end on or broad side on position?

8 years ago

Answers : (4)

AskIITian Expert Priyasheel - IITD
8 Points

In what context ?

It is important to meintion that.

8 years ago
askIITianexpert IITDelhi
8 Points

If i presume correctly you are asking about electric dipoles.

End on position are points on the extended dipole axis(line connecting +q & -q extended to both sides)

Broad side on position are points on the perpendicular bisector line of dipole axis.

8 years ago
shashank mudgal
33 Points

hi Pallavi,

1)end on position is the position of the test charge on the axial line of the dipole(i.e it is on the line joining -ve charge & +ve) charge of a dipole)

2)broad side on position is the position of test charge on equatorial line of the dipole(i.e it is on the line perpendicular to the axial line and passing through the center )

7 years ago
Munish Gupta
36 Points
										Here... End on position means position on the line joining the +q and -q charge of dipole while broad side on position means position on the line of perpendicular of the dipole..Hope this helps
7 months ago
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