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What is the effect of temperature. On semi conductor

What is the effect of temperature. On semi conductor

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

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4 years ago
Basically,  as  you increase the temperature, the intrinsic carrier concentration  increases. This pushes the fermi level closer to the intrinsic fermi  level (the middle of the band gap). Since the built-in potential of a  diode is determined by the difference in fermi-levels in the p-type and  n-type regions, the fermi level in each region moves closer to the  middle of the gap, and the built-on potential is decreased.

This  is also a major contributor to why the performance of solar cells  decreases at high temperatures. The operating voltage of a solar cell is  related to the diode's built-in potential. As a solar cell gets hot,  the voltage is reduced, and therefore the power output is reduced.

Another  effect that can be considered: as the temperature of any semiconductor  is increased, its band gap is reduced. This means that a solar cell will  produce slightly more current. However, this is not enough to  compensate for the decrease in voltage.

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