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Dear sir ma’am, what is the answer to the 16th and 17 th question?

Dear sir ma’am, what is the answer to the 16th and 17th question? 

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1 Answers

Ayush Anand
126 Points
9 months ago
Ans of 16 is B
Ans of 17 is E
Just draw a free body diagram in the cases, 
For the hanging block let the mass be m, and for the mass on inclined plane be n.
So, let the acceleration on hanging block be 'a'. T be the tension in string.
FBD on hanging block, ma =  mg - T. ...... (1)
FBD on inclined block, na = T - ng    .... (2)
Getting value of T from equation (2),
ma = (mg - ng sin 30°)/2
This is an important equation, put the values of n and m in this equation you will see B is the maximum for the acceleration. 
Now, if you put values from figure E you will get the a = 0.
I hope it helps.
Thank you!

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