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what is applied potential diffrence and why and how do we use it?

what is applied potential diffrence and why and how do we use it?


1 Answers

vinodh kumar
33 Points
5 years ago
let us say there is some charge say +Q in some region. if we want to define a potential at some point in this region, it is defined as follows.
Potential at that point is the amount of work done in bringing a unit positive charge from say infinite location(far location)  to this point.
far location means location where there is no presence of electric field that is generated by +Q charge.
we can potential at different points in this +Q region.
Take any two points , take the diffrence between them that will give the potential difference between those two points.
if there is some finite difference between these two points , then charge will flow across those two points whenever there is some conducting material between them. this is used to generate current

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