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Grade: 12
        What are the best tips to deal with negative marking?
6 years ago

Answers : (1)

Hrishant Goswami
343 Points
							Negative marking in JEE and NEET take many aspirants by surprises. It comes as an advantage for some students in exams while some view negative marking as their biggest nightmare. The perception of negative marking in exams varies from student to student. Hence, to use negative marking in exams for the advantage, students must deal with negative marking smartly by the help of following patterns:

1.Exam pattern
2.Number of Questions
3.Time Limit
4.Expected Cut-Off Marks
5.Number of Attempts Required with Accuracy.

However, the best way to deal with negative marking in exams is to be honest with your own flaws and strong points, of course. View every question as a challenge and work on them step by step with full concentration.Decide a timeframe for every question in a particular section. This way you will be able to decide a particular timeframe for all sections. In fact, this is an ideal practice to avoid overdoing more than required questions that increase your chances of negative marking in any exam. 

Neither Hurry nor Guess Your Questions:- All right! To use negative marking in exams to your benefit, you must first stop speeding up your entire process of writing answers in exams. You should read the entire question paper first and then mark all easy questions on it. This way you will able to solve question paper easily. Needless to say, panic and stress can lead you to make unnecessary mistakes. 

Stop using Guess work during exams. This will only lead you to a big disaster. 

Nobody Knows Answer Better Than You Do: It is very common to be influenced by answers of other aspirants. We tend to rely on answers given by other aspirants under stress or panic. You should always rely on yourself. Have faith on your solutions, methods, and ideas. 

Don’t Erase Marked Answers :Most aspirants taking exams mark answers, erase them in confusion, and then mark another answer. Stop doing this too often. There is a probability that answers may not be erased completely, which can later be detected by machine. It can result in negative marking. So avoid erasing marked answers on your answer sheet.
6 years ago
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  • Study Planner
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  • Discussion Forum
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