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hello sir/mam, i have just given my 10th boards and have entered class 11th.. could you please suggest me some methodology of studying and also some books which are essential to crack iit jee..also about the topics which are the most important as far as iit is concerned..

hello sir/mam,

i have just given my 10th boards and have entered class 11th..

could you please suggest me some methodology of studying and also some books which are essential to crack iit jee..also about the topics which are the most important as far as iit is concerned..



1 Answers

askiitianexpert charu-iitd
32 Points
11 years ago

Dear Surabhi,

It is good that you want to strategize and have a planned approach towards preparing for JEE.  I am happy to see so many students so concerned and attentive to look for the best that they can from all the sources available.
You must keep this in mind. It is not always neccessary to join a tution or a coaching that every one is joining.. you must analyse yourself and find out what is the most effective way for you. 

Options being: Nearest Coaching, The best brand coaching or private tutions or online coaching.

The most important thing for you in these two years will be.. Time Management and Concentration..!!! set targets.. for every week.. that what all chapters are you gonna complete studying.. in physics chemistry and maths.. 

In many coaching centres the idea is that they teach 12th cass syllabus in 11th and 11th in 12 or every thing according to them.. this at times spoils everything for some of the students.. I have seen this happening very very commonly..

That is why I am cautioning you.. that you must analyze you every now and then.. ask yoursef questions.. like : If what i am doing right now is right for me..? and Am i able to perform this way..?? If I am not lagging behind..?


If you are not comfortable with the system in the coaching or tution concern them and ask for help or join Our online coaching that will save your time and not force you to travel for hours...

The Guru Mantra to crack JEE..!! Never Compromise on basics..!! how so many times do you need to study a particular chapter.. do not let it go till you are sure.. this is not your strongest subject even after giving your best.. And do not just jump on solving questions. Increase the level of questions that you attempt gradually .. 

So keep this in mind.. that what ever you are going to study now is going to be asked in achieving your aim.. and also.. the better your basics are.. the more fun it is to prepare for JEE.

If you are satisfied in such things... you will make a fluent way to all the IITs... just be calm..and follow the  zeal..!!! :) :)

As far as books are concerned, I Suggest all my students that they should never use too many books .Always study from one or two good books from which you understand the problem well and are able to score in test series etc. First study a chapter from a text book and only after finishing from text book, you should use any reference books.Buy one text book and one IIT-JEE reference book for each subject in each subject. Have a look at the list of books that I have mentionesd below. And buy theone whose language you think you understand best and are able to understand a topic well.


Physics by H.C. Verma
Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov
Resnick and Halliday

Resnick and Halliday
Circuits devices and systems by R.J. Smith
Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov


Physics by H.C. Verma

Physics by H.C. Verma
Problems in Physics by I.E. Irodov

Physics by H.C. Verma
Resnick and Halliday




Morrison & Boyd
Solutions to Morrison Boyd
Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar & Chawla

NCERT Inorganic Chemistry
Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
IIT Chemistry by O.P. Aggarwal

J.D. Lee
O.P. Aggarwal



High school mathematics by Hall and Knight
IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna

and analytic geometry by Thomas and Finney
Coordinate geometry by Loney
IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna

IIT Maths by M.L. Khanna


1. Concept of Physics-by H.C.Verma : Exercises and solved numericals of this book are of high quality;

2. Plane Coordinate Geometry- by S.L.Loney: Contains detailed treatment of the subject.But style of presentation is a bit old fashioned.

3. IIT Guides-Tata McGrow Hill Publication;

4. MCQ Maths-by Das Gupta(Bharti Bhavan Publication);

5. Maths books by K.C.Sinha from Student's Friends Publication;6. Books and Guides of Arihant Prakashan:There are several titles available for IIT-JEE in this publication.Choose the suitable one that fulfills your requirement.

6. Objective Approach to Physics/Maths published by Arihant Prakashan are good books.

7. Books and Guides of MTG- Publication:There are several titles available for IIT-JEE in this publication.


 Keep posting here.. all the doubts you have.. questions or career issues.. or anything... We are happy to answer you... And we can relate to what you are feeling right away and what you will be... in the coming 2 years.. We have been through the same.. :) :)

I wish you all the very good luck.. :)

AskIItian Expert
Charu Nigam

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