how should i prepare for iit?

how should i prepare for iit?


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AskiitianExpert Pramod-IIT-R
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12 years ago

Dear Mr. Abhay;

study some standards books only which are only for iitjee and do not skip any theory in any chapter. Study like a 11 student from below give link's books like HC VERMA, RC Mukherjee. with a lower speed so that you can understand the topic with better knowledge. The suggested books are as given in following links.

First thing:when you study, you should be free from all daily works; Do not use more than one book at a time , you should use other books only as a reference only. Do not left any single question in that particular book and even not a single line.Try to ubderstand the concept clearly and without time problem. study atleast 6 hrs a days for IITJEE. and most important thing that you will have to win on the negative thinking because everybody is thinking same and you have to do some different so be positive .

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Kaustubh Tripathi
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12 years ago

in which class r u ?

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