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Amitabh Sinha Grade: 12

sir on what basis are u saying that electrical is much better than ece at mnnit. i have personally talked to a final year student and he told me that the placement of ece was on top this year at mnnit

5 years ago

Answers : (2)

kavish Dwivedi
94 Points

yes no doubt about that placement was on top this year with the highest ever pakage 1.33 crore also being an ec guy better than electrical guys but it happened only this year but then too I am telling you to prefer electrical because it doesent remain the same every year..just the year before batch had a miserable placements(seriously speaking very bad) and because of that people during my time who got ec there shifted to IT or electrical during their second year whereas EC was gettable at even 7.5 CGPI but very few did take it whereas CSE cutoff was 9.4 CGPI for the branch slide..see the ece branch strength is around 130 at MNNIT including people from dasa also whereas electrical is around 90 not more than that..there are only 10-15 exceptional people out of 130 people and they get very good placements better than the best in electrical but rest are too ordinary seriously whereas in electrical you will notch atleast above 7 lakh placement at the end of final year by just being average there...this year it improved only because of some exceptional people in the branch but it doesent happen usually cant just join a stream with records of only 1 year ..electrical has performed there consistently even IT has done better than ece for the past few years excpet the last one..if you are really interested towards software side then join IT there because its the same as CSE there and gives very good placements on account of MNNIT being best when it comes to CSE or IT in placements whereas if you want to pursue psu job in future go for electrical but seriously dont take ece there otherwise you will join the institute the 3rd years will tell you to slide your branch and you will then have to do these things all over again which can be done now and ask your final year sir whether the placements were that good during the previous years too you will get the same answer as me...i hope you understand I just want you to join IT or EE there only because they have decent palcements every year...hope you get it.

5 years ago
amit chaudhary
37 Points

it depends upon u in which u have intrest

5 years ago
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