which is better?production in nit trichy or electrical in ismu danbad

which is better?production in nit trichy or electrical in ismu danbad


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Dark Knight
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14 years ago

I would suggest you go for ISM Dhanbad,both are almost at par maybe trichy is slightly better but you are getting a much better branch in ISM

AskiitiansExpert Rohan
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14 years ago


NIT trichy holds a respectable position in the market and so does ISMU Dhanbad.. Personally I have my very best friend at ISMU dhanbad doin btech in electrical over there...

As for your small question I have a very short answer for you....

Since both colleges that you have specified are of almost equall dignity, I would suggest you to go for a better branch(in this case only while chosing a better college is always what I suppert for)... So go for ISMU Dhanbad electrical...

best of luck

Best wishes


AskiitianExpert Shine
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14 years ago


Electrical @ ISMU Dhanbad should be preferred as electrical is a much sought after branch after clearing JEE . ISMU Dhanbad is a good college although it is known fr it mining engineering more than electrical. There are more prospects in electrical as compared to production , so despite of nt so good placement record , i ll suggest u ISMU Dhanbad.

Although if u consider the placement record fr NIT Trichi, then its better.

Placements (NIT Trichi Production engg.)

Year 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
Percentage 69.7 86.3 76.9 95.7 97.7 100 100  



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