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Grade: 12

My eee rank is 5124 & my interest is in physics

I have the following choices

1.  mech   PEC 

2.  mech   NIT  Kurusetra

3.  instrumetation & control    NSIT

4.   manufacturing process & automation engg.    NSIT

5.  production & industrial   DCE


arrange these choices in terms of qualty of edu. & placement

What are other choices for me

MY IIT JEE rank is 5747 & i not get any seat in first counsiling

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
9 Points

the best choice would be if you go for instrumentation and control engg from NSIT.

then you can try manufacturing process and automation engg from NSIT

then DCE

NSIT is very renouned and very old college. Also the placement record of NSIT is very good for many year. And large no. of companies visit every year to this college. And also the placement status of this college in 2008, when most of the college didnt able to provide student jobs in the recession time, this college maintained its dignity and a very good pecentage of student get placed.

Now if we talk about instrumentation and control engg then you can see that there is 100% placement and if want to know about the statics then you can easily check out on their website.

Big companies that come for recruiment in NSIT are Accenture, Reliance Communication, Verizon, Schlumberger, Samsung Software etc

you see there no such thing of second counsiling in iit.. So, dont be in any hope to get any second counselling for iit. So, it would be better that you dont waste time and take the admission in other college.

10 years ago
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