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how to prepare for iit jee?

how to prepare for iit jee?



1 Answers

Ramesh V
70 Points
11 years ago

hi Varun,

1st of all if u hav 2 give jee next year den u r running short of time if u hav n't started yet n u shudn't waste ur a single minute from dis part of year i will suggest u to join some kind of test series so dat u get familiar wid d pattern of questions dat is being asked in d iit jee since u r a little lagging i wud suggest u to read ncert books as now a days iit has changed its patten n is more bended towards school students so if u can learn each n every concepts in d ncert books den u r going to get a good marks in ur xams, also dis will help u in ur 12th exam,,specially for chemistry i can ensure u dat if u can do it properly den u r going to score very good in chemistry atleast......ur strategy shud be to devote time to those topics in which u r good at the moment and i m giving u some scoring n easy topics so dat u can plan accordingly......

usually topics of 12th class is relatively easier compratively to topics of 11th...... In 12th topics , i wud suggest u dat modern physics is d most easiest topic in iit jee and u can score very high as its weightage is also good so if u can score in this topic den u r always better placed ,,,,,after this i wud suggest dat waves and simple harmonic motion r some easy topics from class 11, again for 12th ,magnetism & current r scoring topics..........

For math, calculus is the most easiest nd scoring topic in jee as it posses a high weightage nd solving questions from dese topic is very less time consuming,,,,Also, vectors nd 3 D are very much scoring topics.........Also for d last 2 yrs p&c is relatively easier....and other important scoring topic is conic section as it is easy n can be done easily.


In chemistry , i wud suggest u to just learn the ncert book specially for inorganic part as if u just remember as many things den u can score at a very fast rate nd this will save ur time for other questions.........for organic , i wud tell u to just remember d named rxns given in d book.....Also i wud suggest to do proper time to atomic structure as dis is a very high scoring topic from 11th chemistry...


Hopefully , dis will help u in ur exam....all d best...




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