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harshit agrawal Grade:

my rank in aieee is 4900...i have interest in both cs and ec and wud b getting both in mnnit allahbad. which branch shud i opt for considering its placements and future prospects.

7 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kishore IIT Bombay
48 Points

Dear Haeshit agrawal,

                                   first of all congrats for very good aieee rank..CS/ELEC both are very good branches for any thing like for research or placements types..first be confident which one u have to go i give some points..

1.For CS a lot of coding work will be there and for Elec also there will be some courses having coding work but very good in practical work also by like networing,wireless etc

2.coming to placements almost same packages like what ever company open for CS means it will be open for Elec also so there will be no prob but as per my frnds are doing job and thier packages CS people will get more package than electrical people..Electrical people also get very nice package but comapritely less..

3.If u want to go for higher studeis then u will have very good scope in both CS and Elec..but more research and good practical knowledge will get from Electrical than the CS..

So harshit now u decide which one u want to go i mean if u r really interst in mathematics that will help in coding of CS..and if u r really great at Elctrical in 12th class then go for opinion is both branches are really good and great scope in researcg and in placments.

All the best,


Kishore_IIT Bombay.

7 years ago
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